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Carol Anne Freeling is the youngest daughter of Steve and Diane Freeling, and the little sister of Dana and Robbie. She is haunted by Henry Kane and other sprits. In all three films, she is portrayed the late ill-fated Heather O'Rourke, which the latter became her most famous role of all.

First Encounter with poltergeistsEdit

She is the toddler when she is kidnapped by the sprits. She tells her mother the T.V. people woke her up. She is rescued by her mother. Carol Anne, Diane and Robbie escape her house when her father is at work and sister is at her date. Sadly, her family spend the night at the hotel and her dad pushed the television out.

Second encounter with spritsEdit

She is six years old in Poltergeist II. She lived with her parents,older brother and her mother's 

Carol Anne Freeling - Name

Carol Anne Freeling - Name

mother. Henry Kane and his sprits followed her family and chaos starts again. The medicine man and her rescuer came to stop Henry Kane. Her grandmother died for natural causes. Carol Anne and Diane were sent to the Other Side until they were saved by Robbie and Steven. The nightmare is over thanks to Tangina and the medience man.

Third encounter with Henry KaneEdit

She was sent by her parents to live with her uncle, aunt and cousin in Chicago. Henry Kane followed her again and chaos is back to kidnap her, Dana and Scott.Without Tangina,her doctor is killed,her uncle is kidnapped by Henry Kane.Her aunt stopped Henry Kane and got her family back and her nightmare is over fianlly.