Henry Kane
Julian beck old small
Kane, as played by Julian Beck
Vital statistics
Position Cult Leader
Age unknown
Status deceased
Physical attributes
Height 5' 10½" (1.79 m)
Weight unknown

Henry Kane is the main antagonist of the three Poltergeist films, despite not appearing in corporeal human form in the first (Poltergeist (1982)). Instead in that film, he is referred to as "the Beast".


Kane appears during the first (mentioned only and referred to as "The Beast"), second & third films. He was a cult leader who moved himself and his followers to Southern California to form a "utopian society". However upon reaching that destination, he convinced his followers that the end of the world was imminent and sealed himself and his cult in a cave under what would eventually become the Cuesta Verde Estates and more specifically, the Freeling household's pool. When the date of the supposed apocalypse came and went, he refused to let his followers leave the cave and all ultimately perished with him.


In the first film, Kane is referred to only as "The Beast". He haunts the Freeling family house and kidnaps Carol Anne. He is eventually defeated by the efforts of Steve and Diane Freeling, Tangina and Dr. Lesh.

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